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The Remote Job Club is your secret weapon to landing a remote job without wasting time getting ignored and sending out dozens of applications. It's a high-value membership program that helps you get connected to legitimate remote jobs while giving you access to the tools, coaching, and proven strategies to increase your chance of success. Your subscription entails everything you need to find and land a remote job you love, step-by-step. These are exact strategies that have worked for hundreds of my clients, including real-world examples, word-for-word scripts, and even access to unlisted jobs within my network. Thinking of joining the club, but not sure if it's for you?

  • Go From Frustrated and Desperate to Confident in Yourself...

    If you can't be shackled to an office any more, or you've been called back to the office after the pandemic, you may be feeling desperate and angry. What if you used a proven process that gave you the confidence to proudly send your resume directly to decision-makers rather than continuing to get ignored in the abyss of rejected resumes?

  • Go From Overwhelmed and Stuck to 100% Clarity on Your Next Steps...

    If you don't know what you're doing wrong in your job search, you can't possibly know what to change. If when you turn on your computer to search you just feel like you're guessing what to do, then you need to switch it up. What if you knew the step-by-step method that showed you exactly what's wrong so you could finally move forward in your job search with certainty?

  • Go From Discouraged and Doubtful to Fully Accountable...

    Constant rejection might cause you to start expecting failure, which in turn will cause you to fail. What if you had a coach and confidant to help you along your remote job search and a community that motivated you to be consistent and accountable to your dream goals?

  • Go From Overwhelmed to *Actually* Excited About Your Job Search...

    When there are too many resources to know where to start, or when your confidence is waning and you feel like quitting altogether, you can't show up as your best self. What if your remote job search excited you and allowed you to step into the best version of you because you learned ways to connect with job opportunities that actually got interviews?


Your remote dreams are not just dreams. They can become your reality.


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What's Included in The Remote Job Club?

Depending on the plan, a variety of features and benefits are available to you as a subscriber. Review each of the features below and check out the plans and pricing section to see which is best for you. The monthly plans are flexible and provide a range of tools, coaching, and resources to help you increase your chances of success in your remote job search.

Road to Remote Comprehensive Video Course with Proven Step-by-Step Instructions

Placement All-in-One Job Search App for Ultimate Organization

Weekly Personalized Remote Jobs to Aid Your Search

Lifetime Access to Private Mastermind

Virtual Co-Working to Keep You Accountable

Introductions to Remote Hiring Managers, Recruiters, and Employees in My Network

Expert Coaching and Support to Fit Your Needs


Ready to Join the Club?


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The Remote Job Club

Plans & Pricing

Find the plan that’s right for you.


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Limited Course Access


Remote Jobs



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Road to Remote Course

Private Mastermind

Personalized Remote Jobs

RJC Placement App

Private Sessions (1 Hour)

Email Coaching Support

Virtual Co-Working

Text Coaching Support

​Group Calls

Network Introductions


monthly content access

Monthly Full Course Access

Lifetime Mastermind Access

1 Personalized Job / Week

Monthly Software Access

+$250 Per Private Session









monthly content and coaching

Monthly Full Course Access

Lifetime Mastermind Access

2 Personalized Jobs / Week

Monthly Software Access

+$150 Per Private Session

Unlimited Email Coaching

4 Co-Working Calls / Week







2 month VIP program

Lifetime Full Course Access

Lifetime Mastermind Access

3 Personalized Jobs / Week

2 Months Software Access

1 Private Session Included

Unlimited Email Coaching

4 Co-Working Calls / Week

Unlimited Text Coaching

1 Group Call Per Week

Remote Company Intros

Application Only

limited availability

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Real Results

Don't just take my word from it. Listen to those who I've been lucky to work with.

Kelly switched to a completely new industry and landed a remote job without even applying.

Nicholas landed a 40% increase in annual compensation plus a title promotion after working with Jordan.

Alexa landed a full-time remote job in 5 weeks plus a contract for a side gig.

Nicole landed a ton of remote interviews and ultimately a fully remote position at a company she loves.

Katelyn landed a fully remote position that allowed her to finally move to a different state.

Lauren found her remote job and then moved to Medellin Colombia afterwards.

Robin R.

"Jordan is not only knowledgable about remote work, he's built a network of people across the world to help others navigate the ever changing waters of job searching. He's been on the front lines and LIVES the advice he mentors others in. Jordan has helped me make a mid-life career change (I'm 48) and challenged me on ways to use my life and career experience in other verticals. I recommend Jordan as your coach and guide to find the work you love."

Julia L.

"Jordan is a passionate and resourceful entrepreneur who’s mission to help others on their quest to remote shines through everything that he does. He pours his soul into what he does, leading by example, and building meaningful client relationships. Jordan has a wealth of knowledge about remote work that he’s eager to share with his network and the world. He has helped me tremendously on my journey to remote and I would highly recommend his services to anyone!​"

Kevin went from never working remotely before to living and working from Barbados.

Omolara literally stopped applying to jobs because she received too many interviews.

Melodie landed her dream remote job using a LinkedIn networking strategy she learned from RJC.

With her fully remote position, Mary Anne can live and work remotely from Hawaii.

With coaching, Shane regained the confidence and motivation it took to find his next position.

Virginia went from hospitality to tech and fully remote after working with Jordan The Remote Job Coach.

Esther D.

Jordan has a rare combination of intuition, dedication, integrity, and work ethic. I took his career coaching program during a time when I was at a career crossroads. I felt stuck and unsure where to take my next step. With a few simple questions, Jordan completely transformed my reality. As I began trying to answer the questions, clarity and direction emerged. The tactical component of his coaching was also stellar. His online programs are current, step-by-step guides that (when executed on) deliver results. He was there with me every step of the way, responding to any questions I had. Within a few weeks, I had dozens of career opportunities flooding my inbox, and shortly after, I landed a fully remote job. The skills and strategies I learned from Jordan are not just for the job search, they are life-long skills that will continue to benefit me for years to come. Jordan is a master connector, and he lives what he preaches. He over-delivers Every. Single. Time.

Angela S.

"Hunting for a remote job during a pandemic is brutal. The competition is fierce and job seekers are often left wondering how they can stand out from the crowd. Jordan's coaching and Road to Remote program are essential to helping you refine your goals and processes and learn how to effectively communicate your value. He can empower you to find the right opportunity and get the offer!"




Who is The Remote Job Coach?

Hey! My name is Jordan Carroll, aka The Remote Job Coach. I've worked over 7 years remotely in the US and while traveling internationally. I've worked remotely for my own businesses, a Fortune 50 company, and multiple startups. My passion is helping others find more freedom and flexibility in life through remote work. I've helped thousands of remote job seekers, and I want to help you too! Check out the Remote Job Club, a subscription service I created for job seekers just like you.

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